MoodPanda in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine

Apparently we’re in Oprah’s O Magazine (Page 76 if you’re a subscriber), and we’ve been listed in Dr. Oz’s peek into future medicine, on Oprah’s website! Lovely stuff

Dr. Oz: 5 Pieces of Advice I’ll Be Giving 10 Years from Now

Find a Doc Who Prescribes Apps

Cell phones are already becoming medical devices as developers create more and more apps that can track everything from your metabolism to your glucose levels. The best doctors in 2022 will help patients use their personal data to take better care of themselves, so find a physician who is willing to reflect on your statistics and work with you to form healthier habits.

What You Can Do Today
Start experimenting with some of the smarter apps that are already available. Lose It! is a nicely designed weight loss tool that lets you record calories and exercise. Sleep Cycle uses the accelerometer in an iPhone to monitor your movement in bed and track your sleep phases. MoodPanda is a free interactive journal that displays your emotions over time with cool graphics like pie charts and graphs; keeping a log of your emotions can help you spot patterns in your mood and note the things that make you feel good.

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Nuesli is Launched!

Today is a big day! We have launched our new App, Nuesli!

Nuesli is an App built by the creators of MoodPanda, and powered by the MoodPanda Happiness Engine. Nuesli gathers social emotional feedback for breaking News stories.

Nuesli is a new experience in reading the News. Each story you read asks for your emotional feedback, and your rating becomes part of a crowd-sourced reaction to the day’s breaking headlines.

It is an experience that we will be building upon and we’re really excited to finally release it to the world!

Be among the first to try the App now, for free, from iTunes

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First thing to say is that I love your app. I showed it to my flatmate and she was moved to tears.

It’s such a great thing you’ve created and I thank you for believing that your idea would be helpful to people and seeing it through.

Well this is lovely to read! Matt T sent us this email, which has made our day :-)

Thanks Matt

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