(Tell me why) We don’t like Wednesdays!

(Tell me why) We don’t like Wednesdays!
Bob Geldof once sang that he doesn’t like Mondays. Apparently this sentiment is not as common as you’d think.

Research from MoodPanda.com, a Bristol based startup, has shown that Wednesday is the unhappiest day of the week, with Monday rating as fairly average overall. As most people would probably expect, the weekend is when we are at our happiest (Saturday especially), and in general it would seem that females rate their happiness lower than males do.

The reasons for unhappiness on Wednesdays could be varied, but one theory is that it is the mid point of the working and school week, the furthest day from a weekend, and therefore the hardest day to get through. So if you find yourself feeling the mid-week slump, be rest assured that you are not alone! The users of MoodPanda.com are right there with you!

Have you ever considered keeping a record of how you’ve spent your day, and seeing how your happiness has changed over time? It can be fascinating, and is so easy to do online.

MoodPanda.com, a micro-mood-blog website and free iPhone app have been allowing thousands of people to track their happiness for over 18 months. Users of the free service can track their personal happiness, share problems with (and support) others who are feeling sad, and make friends along the way.

By posting micro-mood-blog updates, you can build your personal mood diary, with graphs of your happiness, a mood calendar, and lots of other features, letting you look back on what you’ve been doing, and how you were feeling over time.

Focussing on happiness is one step towards living a happier life, and MoodPanda.com can help you do this.

A recent email received from one of MoodPanda’s users: “Your service is greatly appreciated. Being able to track my mood has given me insights into my own psychology that ultimately have led-to an improvement in my quality of life” - Daniel P

MoodPanda.com has full privacy settings built in, allowing you to keep your mood posts private. But for those of us who love to share how we’re feeling, you can also post your mood updates to Facebook and Twitter! Imagine having a mood calendar of all your Facebook updates!

You can join in right now, at www.moodpanda.com, or download the free iPhone app from iTunes.

Have a happy day!

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