Guest Blog Post - Chloë B’s First Year on MoodPanda

Earlier this week, one of MoodPanda’s users, Chloë B, completed a full year of mood posts, updating her mood every single day for a year!

As she was the first of our Moody Pandas to achieve this, we thought it would be cool to hear about her experience of MoodPanda for the first year! 

A Year of MoodPanda - By Chloë B

As a self-confessed technophile constantly looking out for cool websites, and as a data-loving science student, I have to admit that I was immediately intrigued when I first stumbled across MoodPanda a year ago.  

The idea of tracking my mood and being able to see how it varied over time was appealing — would the days we all have which are “just one of those days” or where you “get out of bed on the wrong side” show up?  Is it true that I “always seem to be smiling”, as some of my friends like to say?

I signed up straight away, and began rating my happiness level between 0 and 10, sometimes just once in a day and sometimes several times. As the weeks went by and more users joined, new features were introduced, including the ability to comment on other people’s mood ratings they’ve chosen to make public.

Combined with the option to send a ‘hug’ to others on the site, I love the way that this gives a sense of community to MoodPanda — there are some names of MoodPanda regulars like me I’ve come to recognise, and it is always nice to see them feeling happy or to post a quick message if they’re feeling sad. And while it might seem surprising, a ‘panda hug’ from someone you have never met can start to shake off a bad mood, just because you know someone else wants to help make you feel better!

Also fun is looking back at the reasons given for particular mood ratings — some recently reported research suggested that coffee may prevent depression  and given that quite a few of my positive mood scores carry the label ‘coffee!’ it looks as though I might have further evidence for that :-)

The calendar page, showing each day of the year as a different colour based on the moods logged for that day, is a nice record of what was going on in my life to make me feel that way.

I can see the elation of finally passing my driving test in January (a solid 10 on the mood scale), the stress of university exams (two weeks of red in June) and a very happy summer (July and August are an expanse of green).  And yes, the “wrong side of bed” days do indeed stand out as negative islands of low mood in the generally positive sea that my friends mention.

I have found the past year using MoodPanda to be a lot of fun and very interesting, and I look forward to another year of the same!  A big thanks to Jake G and Ross L for all their hard work on the site… it’s definitely made me a very happy panda!

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