We are all going to turn to dust and our vanity is so often just in vain, but being kind is actually one of the things that has a little bit of meaning, isn’t it? Being nice to the people around you. That is one of the things that is really worth fighting for. Everything else is vanity.
James Allen, the train dispatcher at St. Albans station 

MoodPanda - Because life is not always shiny

Flashback Monday - Revisit one of our blog posts from a while back: 

“Facebook Makes Us All Sad Because Everyone Is Happy But Us“


This headline was posted recently, at Psychology Today, and it really struck a chord with me.

Elana, from PT posted a fascinating article discussing the above headline, investigating the effect that other people’s…

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DIY Emotional First Aid - EFT - Interviewing Karin Davidson


Once, on an anxious visit to my shrink, I was trying to explain the source of my distress and was so near breaking down that I began to employ tapping…part of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  He obviously had not heard of this and looked at me as though I had gone mad and said, “Stop that tapping, it’s annoying, I can’t concentrate!”  EFT is an alternative or complementary technique being used worldwide, but not yet embraced by the medical mainstream, so I was not surprised.

EFT a newer, self-administered “emotional first aid,” employs tapping on acupressure points or meridians on the head, hands and body while one verbally forges new cognitive paths.  

It can potentially help people with issues such as
- Trauma
- Abuse
- Panic attacks
- Anxiety

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How to Make Good Memories in the Worst of Times


One time, I called my psychiatrist on the phone and upon his picking up, I said, “Hello doctor, this is Ann Hedonia.”  The joke being that my name is Ann and that he knew I was in the lower depths of depression and might find my pun amusing.  I knew intellectually that it was funny, but it brought me no pleasure or laughter.

Indeed, Anhedonia is no laughing matter, as this absence of ability to experience happiness, joy or pleasure goes hand in hand with the diagnosis of depression - and enjoyment and engagement with people, places and events is a basic requirement for a full and happy life.

So what is there to do about the dark, joyless times that may befall us?

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